What is HomeCable HD?

HomeCable HD is the first pay TV provider that provides the best, most complete service with fascinating High Definition quality in Indonesia. Experience clearer sound, sharper pictures, fine colours at home with your family through well selected HD channels

How to subscribe to HomeCable HD TV?

To experience HomeCable High Definition TV from First Media, first you will be required to subscribe to the minimum package that offers HomeCable HD. Secondly, you will need a HD HomeBox to receive High Definition signals. Thirdly, you will need to connect your HD TV to our HD HomeBox using HDMI cable in order to watch HomeCable HD channels Your home television needs to be at least "HD-ready" or "HD-Capable". Most of Standard TV screen has 525 horizontal line with an aspect ratio 4:3. In contrast High Definition TV set has 720 to 180 horizontal line with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Please ensure to check your television guide book for 1080i and 720p references

Which types of HomeCable packages offers HomeCable HD?

In order to enjoy High Definition channel services, you only need to subscribe to First Media HomeCable Family Plus for Rp 165.000,- / month and a HD HomeBox with a rental fee of Rp 60.000, - /month (all exclude VAT). By having Family Plus + HD HomeBox, you will be able to enjoy 77 standard definition channels and at the moment 8 HD channels HD (ESPN HD, ASN HD, StarWorld HD, Fox HD, Fashion HD, LiTV HD, NatGeo HD, NetGeoWild HD) If you prefer to enjoy more than 90 standard definition channels and 10 best of HD channels (HBO, HBO Hit, ESPN HD, ASN HD, StarWorld HD, Fox HD, Fashion HD, LiTV HD, NatGeo HD, NetGeoWild HD) you can subscribe to HomeCable Ultimate with a subscription fee of Rp 315.000, - / month + HD HomeBox rental fee of Rp 60.000, - / month (all exclude VAT)

In which format ratio does the HomeCable HD is being broadcasted?

HomeCable HD is broadcasting in 1080i and 720p format with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and each HD channel will self select its best viewing format

What is HD HomeBox?

HD HomeBox is a digital Set Top Box / digital decoder. Installing an HD HomeBox with an HD television you can enjoy both Standard and High definition programs. Without HD HomeBox, you will not be able to experience HD channels in your HD television.

What makes a HD HomeBox different from the others?

With an HD HomeBox you will receive clearer picture, sharper colour and optimum surround sound. Whether you are watching a movie, drama, sports, and wild life; through HD you will feel that you are in the middle of the action.

I already have one HD HomeBox set up on one HDTV. If I want t watch HD programmes on another TV at home do I have to purchase another HD HomeBox Set?

Yes. All you need to do in order to get HD programmes for the second TV is you must subscribe for a new connection and a new HD HomeBox Set.

How many HD channels are available in First Media?

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best service with the complete High Definition experience. Bringing your family with HD clarity, and outstanding surround sound. As of now HD HomeCable will provide you with10 High Definition channels to enjoy: HBO, HBO Hits. ESPN HD, ASN HD, StarWorld HD, Fox HD, Fashion HD, LiTV HD, NatGeo HD, NatGeo HD.

How do I know that the channel or the program I’m watching is broadcasted in HD?

All the channels and programs that are broadcasted in High Definition will have the HD logo shown on the screen. Inside the First Media EPG (Electronic Program Guide) all HD channels are listed under the same HD category.

How does the HD TV work?

HD or High Definition is an technological advancement from the average digital TV or Standard TV. HD technology enables higher viewing resolutions and better image clarity with true colour. Which can be measured at 5 times the quality of standard TV or STV.

How do I know that my TV is HD Ready?

Look out for the “HD Ready” logo on your television, or you can check your TV manual book to find the direction for the HD Ready logo

I already have HD Ready TV, Can I see HD programs automatically?

You do not get HD programmes automatically. You will need an HD input or some kind of HD service such as FirstMedia’s HD HomeBox Set which broadcast in HD quality.

I heard that there are various types of HD formats. What are the differences?

The signals for HD programes are broadcasted in three formats: 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The Number format shows the horizontal line in your television; meanwhile the word format shows how the horizontal lines are broadcast in your television

I am a new HomeCable subscriber. How can I subscribe for the HomeCable HD?

Be sure to choose the package that offers the HD Channels:

  1. If you choose to subscribe for the Family Plus package
    • The going price for the Family Plus package is Rp. 165,000 excluding VAT
    • Subscribe to Family Plus + High Definition using Samsung HomeBox HD with Rp. 60,000 as the rental price 
    • 8 HD Channels in the Family Plus package are: ESPN HD, ASN HD, StarWorld HD, Fox HD, Fashion HD, LiTV HD, NatGeo HD, NetGeoWild HD
  2. If you choose to subscribe to the ULTIMATE package
    • To subscribe to the Ultimate package it costs Rp. 315,000 excluding VAT
    • Subscribe to the Ultimate + High Definition using Samsung HomeBox HD and pay only Rp. 60,000 as the rental price 
    • 10 HD Channels in the Ultimate package are: HBO, HBO Hit, ESPN HD, ASN HD, StarWorld HD, Fox HD, Fashion HD, LiTV HD, NatGeo HD, NetGeoWild HD

Make sure you schedule the installation of the HomeCable in your home.. For more enquiries, You can contact our Sales Center (021) 2559 6688

I am an existing customer and already have a HomeBox. Can I get the HD channels automatically?

For our existing customers that are using the old SD HomeBox. Sadly you will not be able to enjoy our HD channels automatically. You will need to replace your old HomeBox with the HD HomeBox and subscribe to a HomeCable package that offers HD channels. For more enquiries regarding changing you current package, Please contact out Sales Center (021) 2559 6688

How to setup HD HomeBox to your HDTV and access the HD channels?

Your HD HomeBox is included with an HDMI cable that will connect to your HDTV

What is HDMI cable?

HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specialcable that gives the best audio and video quality for home entertainment by using only one connection slot of your HDTV. This is the best way to connect the HD HomeBox to your HDTV

Does the HDMI cable included in the HD HomeBox?

A HDMI cable is included in the FirstMedia HD HomeBox Set.

HomeCable HD What You Need

What You Need

You want the best, and you get it with HDTV made easy. Just connect your HDTV to First  Media Networks TV and an HD receiver. Need help selecting an HDTV?

*Pack Choose HomeCable FamilyPlus or HomeCable Ultimate with HomeBox HD. And access up to 10 HD Channels. The HD Channels you receive depend on your HomeCable package

What is HomeCable HD

Indonesia Widest choice of High Definition Channels

HomeCable HD bring the best of Channels from Sports, Movies, Education, Lifestyle and Entertainment. HomeCable HD Simply the best High Definition experience you can get.

Superb and Reliable HD picture Quality

From brilliant picture quality delivered in high definition to greater reliability in any kind of weather, it’s easy to see why First Media is the Indonesia’s largest Hybrid fiber-optic network.

New HomeBox HD for more Convenience

3in1 HomeBox HD deliver SD, HD and VOD service for your home digital entertainment.


homecable HD homebox

HomeCable HD Channels

Fox HD

FOX is the general entertainment channel dedicated to the best television series. Built on top of US product and some local productions, its brand lens is “smart entertainment with an edge”. Targeting a keen and demanding audience, the channel was originally launched in Latin America in 1993. It features a top quality schedule with headlines ranging from the most recent and innovative series to classic big hits. The genre offering is all encompassing and varied by style. Genres include comedy, drama, science fiction, action, animation and reality. Shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, Flash Forward, House, Bones, Lie To Me have helped FOX become one of the “must have” basic channels for platforms in various markets all around the world.

Fox HD
Fox HD

Fox Crime HD

FOX Crime is an entertainment channel entirely dedicated to crime and investigation. It delivers stories with good guys, bad guys, and one prevailing over the other. Programming includes the CSI Franchise, the Law & Order Franchise, Navy NCIS, Criminal Minds, Without A Trace as well as crime-themed documentaries.


HBO® HD is the first high definition (HD) regional subscription English movie channel in Asia. With HBO HD, get the complete cinematic experience of commercial-free and entertaining Hollywood blockbusters and award-winning HBO Original productions and series in better clarity, sharper pictures in wide-screen format and superior sound in the comfort of your own home 24-hours a day.



HBO HITS HD delivers Hollywood blockbuster hits 24 hours a day, commercial-free in 100% true high-definition. Watch Oscar®/Golden Globe® winning and/or nominated movies in better clarity, sharper pictures in wide-screen format and superior sound in the comfort of your own home.

FOX Sports Plus HD

ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports, providing non-stop and action-packed sport programming, customized specifically for local viewing audiences. The channel acquires the world´s most watched league English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, US/British Open Golf, NBA, World Badminton Championship, Asian Bowling Tour and etc.

Fox HD


  LiTv HD
Li, Life Inspired, is Asia’s new lifestyle television channel in high definition. A first in the region, Li broadcasts pan-regionally across Asia with an expanding footprint. The channel empowers viewers with world-class content, serving as a gatekeeper to the world of inspirational living for cosmopolitan trend seekers. Li’s first-run and exclusive programmes center around five aspects of an ideal lifestyle: Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style.

From the world’s most awarded wildlife filmmakers, experience the most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television. With superior image quality, widescreen cinematic picture and surround sound, Nat Geo Wild HD takes viewers on unforgettable journeys through the natural world.

Uncover global environments and the incredible creatures that inhabit them in incredible detail - from the most remote locations, to the forbidding depths of our oceans and the protected parks on our doorsteps.

NatGeo HD National Geographic Channel HD

National Geographic Channel HD marries compelling stories with the stunning visuals and credibility that people have come to expect from National Geographic. The pioneering HD channel redefines the real world, showcasing National Geographic’s top-rated programmes, spanning wildlife, science, technology, culture and natural phenomena, in breathtaking colour and with superior sound quality. Guided by world-class scientists and cutting-edge filmmakers, viewers are transported to some of the most visually stunning places on earth, exploring them all with the incredible clarity of HD.

Nat Geo Adventure HD

Luve TV HD
Star World HD

STAR World, Asia’s number 1 general entertainment channel, is a trend-setter for affluent adults in Asia who pursue to bring the best out of themselves. Our viewers can indulge in much sophisticated entertainment of broad interests in comedy, drama, reality & talent shows, and live award events through exclusive first-runs to Asia, well ahead of terrestrial channels. Reinventing to reinforce relevance in Asia, STAR World is an ideal platform to reach affluent demographic with the hottest, high-rated US and UK programmes and TV events, keeping our viewers in the forefront of entertainment.

NatGeo HD
All  Sports Network (ASN), launched in 2009, is the second sports network by Yes Television (Hong Kong) Limited. ASN is a new 24-hour channel featuring some of America's most compelling sports action including the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA college basketball and football, March Madness, motorsports including Formula Drift, Touring Car and GT racing, plus Extreme Sports, Pro Bull Riding and more.

FX is ”uncompromising TV from FOX”. With a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional drama and comedy, FX has turned into one of the top choices of TV fans all around the world. Shows such as Dexter, Prison Break, Nip/Tuck, The Office, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mad Men, and The Colbert Report have become cornerstones of the FX schedule in one or more countries, resonating especially with the male audience.



  Fox Family Movies HD

FOX Family Movies is a channel designed with family in mind. Despite so many channels in the current marketplace catering to a multitude of different interests, there are few options for the entire family to sit down and enjoy a movie together – until now. Driven by exclusive deals with all major studios including FOX, Disney, MGM, Warner, Paramount, and Sony, FOX Family Movies offers an exciting line-up and local language dubbing during prime time and subtitling all day. The home of the greatest and most beloved family films, FOX Family Movies is the one channel families can turn to for consistent quality programming. With respect for a family-oriented culture and an environment where family takes such precedence in our daily lives, FOX Family Movies fits right in.

Fox Movies Premium HD

Fox Movies Premium HD brings to Asia the biggest blockbusters from Hollywood - powered by its exclusive deals with leading Hollywood studios and independent distributors, including 20th Century FOX, Buena Vista, MGM/United Artists, and the Weinstein Company. STAR Movies’ exciting programming highlights include recent Hollywood releases and prestigious film industry events such as The Annual Academy Awards.

  Discovery HD World
Berita Satu HD  

HomeCable HD

A brand new line up in high definition


HomeCable HDHomeCable HD is the first pay TV provider that provides the best, most complete service with fascinating High Definition quality in Indonesia. Experience clearer sound, sharper pictures, fine colours at home with your family through well selected HD channels

5x Picture QualityThe best of High Definition experience is set to give you superb viewing experience with higher resolution and better functionality

16:9 Aspect RatioHomeCable HD gives your television an aspect ratio  16:9, therefore making your television screen wider by almost  by almost 33%

Dolby SurroundPowered by Dolby Digital Plus sound to deliver superior theater experience

Full HD 1080iHomeCable HD gives you resolution of 1080i, which displays every pixel of the HD broadcast making your television viewing a breathtaking experience.