Synopsis Master of the ShadowlessKick

A quiet and honest physician, Wong Kei-Ying tried to stay aloof from the local conflicts and only focused on saving lives. For him, medical ethics are the most important principle to hold in life, above any conflicts in value, politics or power. He was fooled by the ruthless and treacherous new governor of Canton, Wei, who pretended to fight against the local gang that run opium business. Wong helped to cure his wound and offered his assistance. But in reality, Wei only wanted to control the business and keep all the profit for himself. When he finally found out the truth, it was almost too late. His mentor and teacher was captured and tortured by Wei and was forced to become addicted to opium. Desperate to save his teacher, Wong agreed to help Wei to purify opium to make more condensed paste in order to make more profit. But in fact, he was trying to find an antidote to rid the addiction. Unfortunately, during the process, Wong got himself addicted as well. Before his teacher died, he passed on the illustrations of the legendary ShadowlessKick to Wong. With the help from his family and friends, Wong fought the addiction and mastered the Shadowless Kick. They carried out their own plan and revealed Wei’s true color. During the final epic fight between the two, Wong won the battle with his superior martial arts but couldn’t save the woman who loved him deeply asshesacrificed herself to save his son.