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Arya Chunata
Thank you for the chance of attending the Premier of Racing Extinction on 25 November 2015. First, the movie is quite amazing, especially how it is able to teach everybody to save our world in may ways possible. All the journalist, scientist and environment activist are able to show us what is the sad situation our world. And we should ask our friends, family and community to watch and then start one thing of our own. The event it self was fabulous. Great place, great shows and exiting experience. I would recommend if there was a seat separation between guests and press, because we were quite obstructed by the press trying to shot some clips during the movie. And I do prefer the movie to be in it's original language, which is English (maybe with subtitles) Thank you for the opportunity, looking forward for next events!


First of all, thanks a lot for choosing me as the winner of the quiz and for the invitation to this premier. This is my first time attending an event like this, and it was a really great experience that inspired me to start being aware that there are numerous species of animals that was endangered because of all the activities that we considered as a usual activities. I'm inspired to start racing extinction with one thing by bike to work and start to reduce eating any kind of meat. Thanks a lot. :) and sorry I don't have any moments captured on the event.